“Just Three of Us”

In January 2022, Jim Ridl asked his friend and colleague Michael Pedicin if he would like to join his trio for a concert at Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn on March 16th.

Without hesitation, Michael said “of course,” knowing that the trio of musicians would be Jim, bassist Dean Johnson, and Michael himself. A drummer-less trio was an interesting thought although never before experienced by Michael.

The concert would become something very special in a few ways. It would allow these three musicians to be somewhat increasingly free in their improvisatory approach to what would become an evening of joy and synergy, and would be streamed on the Soapbox platform.
The music that Jim chose for this performance included a few compositions of his, some of Michael’s and Dean’s favorites, and allowed each of the improvisers to have a spot introducing one piece each with their own soloing approach.

As a result of the evening’s special feeling, Michael, Jim, and Dean, with the permission of the owner and producer of Soapbox Gallery, elected to produce the live performance and make the video and music available on YouTube and in CD form.

We invite you, the audience to sit back, relax, and let your soul join ours as we present our music and our hope for Peace and unity in our world.